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Thursday, November 11, 2010

If Customer Have the Right to Post Negative Reviews
Returning to the courtroom we learned this week that no only did Yelp win its case against the dentist who was attempting to sue them over the content of an online review they hosted, but that they may even be able to recover their court costs.

The dentist, Wong said the statements presented in the review had libeled her and caused her emotional distress.  The judge ruled that the pan was "part of a public discussion and dissemination of information on issues of public interest” and that under California law “sites are not legally responsible for defamation by users”.

Assuming that this sets a national precedence, it offers another reason why generating positive word of mouth is becoming ever more important for brands.  Since they likely will never be able to eliminate online or offline negative word of mouth, they must learn to do what Customer Experience Partners refers to as identifying and arming those customers who are their Best Potential Customer Advocates.  It’s those advocates who based on their knowledge of the subject area, and their sheer volume in numbers can neutralize the impact of a few negative reviews.
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