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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Corporations Can't Seem To Improve the Customer Experience
Despite the fact that more businesses are “waking up to the value of customer experience”, new research studies continue to tell us that consumers see little improvement in their interactions.  We believe this seeming contradiction occurs because companies remain locked in the “fix everything” mentality.

We’ve watched such “get higher scores”, “make every step of the experience better” demands from senior managers nullify the potential positive impact of TQM, Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Net Promoter.  We risk the same poor results under the banner of Customer Experience unless senior managers not only: 1) Use the process to get a better understanding of the TOTAL Customer Experience (and all its complex touchpoints and multi-sensory components), but also 2) understand how the broader competitive set is setting expectations for  interactions, and 3) set priorities to make only the most impactful changes (putting the needed time and money where they will have the greatest impact on improving the experience rather than continuing to spread resources across all touchpoints that are a mile wide but only and inch deep, and therefore delivering little improvement in perceived value to customers).

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