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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Coke Spends So Much on the Graphics on their Cans
There’s a lot of controversy today regarding the meaning of “customer experience”.  Many retailers claim the experience begins the second the customer walks through their door (and/or enters their website) and continues until they leave.  Those that supply customer service hardware, software and support suggest that they hold the key to retaining customers and increasing share of category spending through their management of the customer experience.   Still others suggest that customer experience and customer satisfaction are really the same thing, and therefore explain that success comes to businesses that find the best system to incent employees to achieve higher scores.

We believe that customers’ future behavior towards a brand is driven by a TOTAL Customer Experience that includes every touchpoint and multi-sensory, experiential component within those interactions.  Certainly expectations for the experience and importance allocated to each component vary, but most corporations have yet to even seek a Total and unbiased view of the experience their customers enjoy.    

Question the logic of the multi-sensory components?  Consider the hundreds of millions of dollars that some savvy marketers throw at that part of the experience each year.  The feel of sheets on a Westin Hotel Heavenly bed.  The sound of a crunching Dorito.  The aroma in the lobby of the Borgata Hotel & Casino.  It all counts in the customer’s Value Equation.
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