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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Which Customer Voice Matters?
The following question was recently raised in an online community: “What Voice of Customer is more useful to listen to - the one you ask for, or the one you don’t?"

When you “listen in” online to what customers are saying you learn what customers consider to be the key strengths and weaknesses.  More formal Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter studies tend to ask only about the operational issues and attributes that fit into the internal management silos.  And with a limited number of questions satisfaction and NPS studies skip over many components of the TOTAL customer experience.

We believe the best understanding and management of word of mouth comes with the an ongoing monitoring of the social media coupled with intermittent objective quantification that can only come from asking a representative sample of the entire customerbase.  What do you think?

 The downside of not asking is of course that only a very small percentage of customers are actually communicating about most products and service online.  You really don’t have a very complete view of all the word of mouth circulating (through both public and private channels) and management can be lead to focus on issues that are meaningless to the majority of customers.

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