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Friday, June 22, 2012

You Do the Math
Research tells us that the main reason potential customers visit a corporate Facebook page is for special offers and/or discounts.  It tells us that 69% of consumers “seldom” or “never” return to a corporate Facebook page after they have “Liked” it.  Further we see that  60% of marketers using social media report that it has not improved their sales in the slightest … Then maybe it’s time to take a totally different look at how we are trying to use social media. 

With the growth of social media, consumers, not corporations, now have the power to drive awareness, consideration and purchase intent.  We believe efficient use of social media demands the finding of the 5%-10% of a brand’s customers who are the best potential advocates, and then spending a little time and money to get those individuals the motivation, content/facts, and opportunities to share their own stories with their personal friends, neighbors, co-workers, online friends, etc. 

Which would you prefer?  A seldom visited corporate Facebook page with 1 million “likes”.  Or 5,000 “everyday advocates” each communicating with their own network of 300 trusting contacts on an ongoing basis? 
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