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Advocacy AuditSM

Private Online Customer Communities not only provide corporations with insight and innovation, they also build stronger customer advocates.  But how much offline and online word of mouth are those community members really generating? Is that advocacy creating value for the corporation?  And what can be done to help the community members to be even more active and more positive in their communications? 
Our Advocacy Audits provide an unbiased measure of the lift in word of mouth created by members of Private Online Customer Communities.  Our Audits provide Community owners with quantitative proof of the impact and value being delivered that helps increase awareness, consideration, and trial purchase by new customers, and retention of existing customers.  Just as with the use of a financial audit, the Customer Experience Partners' Advocacy Audit provides an independent, outside assessment.

Identifying & Arming Customer Advocates

Unfortunately unhappy customers “speak out” more frequently and more loudly than satisfied customers.  Very few corporations are able to overcome this negative balance.  One approach to changing this dynamic requires making improvements to process, products, training, policies and physical plant with the objective of reducing complaints.  A second approach involves getting the happy and delighted customers to generate more positive word of mouth.  

This second approach, which we call Identifying & Arming Advocates, is a system through which current customers are scored and screened to identify those who based upon behavior, attitude and personality are the Best Potential Advocates.  Once identified these customers are armed with “stories” to share, given access to expedited customer care, and provided with further opportunities to write and speak to others about their experiences. 

Measurement tools are used provide a baseline of frequency, tone and volume of communication from customers before beginning the program and the same measure of change during and after the program has been executed.


Buzz BarometerSM

Customers become so personally and emotionally involved within some business categories that they can’t help but communicate with friends, co-workers, relatives and even complete strangers (via the Internet) about their experiences.  Consider the new mom talking about formula or diaper experiences, the guy at the country club speaking about a new driver or the latest golf ball, or the patient who recently underwent laser vision correction. All present marketers with a challenge, but also provide them with a streamlined opportunity to identify the key messages that are being communicated about them in the marketplace.  Rather than an ongoing Customer Satisfaction Survey or a complex CEM Optimization process, in these select industries our Buzz BarometerSM provides marketers with a clear picture of what, how much, how frequently and through which medium they are being talked about.  It identifies the key changes that must be made and the communications opportunities to improve retention, share of wallet, and the word of mouth of the future.

CEM OptimizationSM                        

Through the use of quantitative research and consultative processes, we:

1)Identify the three most important touchpoints in which the corporation is providing lower perceived performance than the competition.
2) Explain in the customers’ own words what the client organization needs to do to equal or exceed the perceived performance of the competition.
3) Identify the currently missed opportunities to increase the value of the brand to the customer through better management of expectations and management of evidence.
4) Present key touchpoints and opportunities to an internal team and facilitate the internal teams efforts in strategic and tactical planning

Actioning Your Satisfaction Survey Results

We don’t want to run your customer satisfaction program. There are plenty of good software programs that let you ask customers questions and capture their responses. We can help you move from measuring the customer experience to managing the experience to be sure you retain more current customers, capture a greater share of their category spending, and generate more positive word of mouth.

Customer Experience Partners offer a stand-alone review process by which your collected customer satisfaction data is analyzed using procedures heretofore only available to the “big guys”.  And the best part is, we’re offer our review on a quarterly, or semi-annual basis.  Imagine having an Action Plan that translates your customers’ responses into specific management imperatives!  Our Action Planning process sets priorities and future direction to satisfy more of your customers and improve their experience with your Company.

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